Frontline Consulting

Company Owner: Jamahl Labbe

Business Location: United States
Business Category: Change Management Consulting, Consulting, Management and Consulting, PEO/ Staffing Support, Planning & Consulting, Staffing and Human Resources, Team Performance Training, Training and Development
Business Type/Certifications: Agile, DBE, FLC HUB, NYS MBE, PMP, SDVOSB, SSP, WBE
Support Services: Adaptive Leadership Organizational Alignment, Build strong teams with strong team members, Change Management, Construction Professional Services, Develop team members who contribute, Disaster Case Management, Executive Advisement, Office Administration, Optimizing team performance to capitalize on the opportunities ushered in with organizational change, Process Improvement, Project Management, Team Performance, Train supervisors to know how to lead people, Translating a vision into a plan of action, mentoring and coaching teams through change, not impede progress, not just manage processes
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