Company Owner: Rob Lockwood

Business Location: United States
Business Category: Information Technology Support Solutions, Management and Consulting, Planning & Consulting, Power Distribution Units (PDU) and air handlers., UPS Hardware Monitoring, UPS Installation, UPS Maintenance, Uninterruptable Power Supplies
Business Type/Certifications: CT, DAS, SBE, SDVOSB
Support Services: Consulting, Devices, Disposal, Generators and Power Distribution Units, IDF and MDF closets ▪ Single Phase and Three Phase, Installation, Maintenance and Recycling, Management, Power Solutions ▪ MDF (data center) / IDF (closet) design / Edge engineering ▪ Onsite or online / phone consultants who are experts in the field of IoT/The Edge, UPS Hardware Maintenance, UPS Hardware-All Phase, UPS Installation, UPS Monitoring, Uninterruptable Power Supplies
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