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Why Become A Corporate Member of the NVBDC?

To Learn More About becoming an NVBDC Member Visit:

NVBDC’s assurance to our corporate partners and supplier diversity professionals is that prospective SD/VOB suppliers have undergone a rigorous vetting process, through our certification. Corporate Members gain access to a comprehensive database of certified businesses to explore when seeking to contract with SD/VOBs.

NVBDC also hosts, participates in, and co-sponsors networking and educational events with corporate partners. This facilitates invaluable face-to-face interactions which leads to forming strong business relationships between corporate representatives and Veteran business owners.

  • Accepted by State & Federal
  • To date, over 2,000 SD/VOBs certified by
  • NVBDC on-boarding process is proven to be effective for Corporate Members to add SDVOB
  • Successful Supplier Mentoring Program (SMP) supporting our Corporate. Members NVBDC Services, Education, and Training Program.
  • NVBDC Military & Veteran Organization Task (MVO Task Force)
  • ]ROTC Scholarship and 50 State Managers

We are not just coaches and consultants.

We are seasoned business executives who get into the trenches with you.