Commercial Construction and Environmental Remediation Support

Company Owner: Ricado Santiago

Business Location: United States-Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Connecticut. DC, Delaware, New York
Business Category: Commercial Construction, Environmental Contracting and Remediation
Business Type/Certifications: HubZone, MBE, NMSDC, NVBDC, SDVOSB, Veteran Owned Company
Support Services: Asbestos Abatement, Bird Waste and Other Biohazard Abatement (Covid), Building Demolition, Design/Build/Construction, Electrical, Environmental Contracting, Foundation, Hazmat Remediation (Hazmat), Infrastructure Repair, Interior Renovations, Leadn and Mold Abatement, Mechanical and more, Memory Vapor Removal, New Construction, Other Heavy & Civiel Engineering Construction, Project Management, Remediation and Contamination Services, Roofing Contractor's, Self-perform hazardous remediation services, Site Demolition, Skilled Trade Services-Plumbing, Structure, Tenant Fit Out, Water and Sewer Line Construction, and Bldg
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