Key Questions

Often times the key questions are the hardest ones. DeltaPoint Partners is here to help you navigate through the business landscape so that you can grow and succeed.

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Key Business Questions

Key Questions for Businesses

  • When you started or acquired your business, was there ever a thought of starting to plan your exit strategy?
  • Do you have a plan to get there? Is gathering business-related intelligence important to making business decisions for future growth?
  • As clich√© as it may sound, do time, money and internal resources sometimes get in the way of you accomplishing your business goals?
  • Do you gather business intelligence from your clients, employees, and the marketplace to make well-informed business decisions?
  • Do you know what your cash flow looks like for the next six months, next year?
  • Do you have specific plans for generating new business?
  • Are your sales and marketing strategy integrated and well-rounded?
  • Do you receive regular reports on sales, quality, budget variances, profit, customer satisfaction, and employee performance?
  • Are you effectively reaching your target market? Or your existing clients?

Key Questions for Non-Profits

  • Do you know the key indicators that will define where you are in the lifecycle of your organization?
  • Are your mission and vision of why you exist clear, both to your internal audience as well as your community?
  • How strong are your core program and service offerings and how are you demonstrating that you are filling a need in the community?
  • How strong is your Brand to attract donors and volunteers?
  • Is your Board providing the strategic leadership and support necessary to advance the growth of your organization?
  • Do you have credibility with your Funders and are they eager to support your mission?
  • What process do you use to evaluate adding new programs or services?
  • Are your advertising/marketing efforts consistent and effective in communicating your strongest messaging about the organization?
  • Do you have strong staff in place that represents the organization in the most positive light?
  • What does future growth and succession look like for the organization?
  • What are your donor and dollar acquisition and retention rates?
  • What is your Growth in Giving %?
  • What are your operations, endowment and capital fund development goals for the next 18 months?
  • How are you holding your organization accountable for viability?
  • What do you do to acquire, onboard, train, recognize, retain and retire members (if you have them), volunteers (board and other), staff?
  • Does your 990 tell your story? It can and should!

Not sure where to start?

We understand that running a business can feel overwhelming extremely quickly. If you are finding yourself reading through these questions and your blood pressure is rising, don’t worry, you are in the right place to get help. Contact us today to get your business back in balance.

We are not just coaches and consultants.

We are seasoned business executives who get into the trenches with you.