Diverse Supplier Development Program

A roadmap to successfully help diverse businesses leverage their certification(s) to win business and profit from the supplier diversity initiatives of corporate America!

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Diverse Group of Networked Business People
High-Value Private Sector Procurement

High-Value Private Sector Procurement

DeltaPoint Partners/DSDC has comprehensive knowledge of private sector supplier diversity opportunities, and we know what it takes to win business in this space. This unique and direct experience greatly increases the likelihood that your company will succeed in finding, securing, and profitably delivering on these opportunities.

Together, we are committed to helping you leverage your status and certification(s), which will open the door to billions of dollars of supplier diversity initiatives from major corporations.

DeltaPoint Partners and Diverse Supplier Development Corporation, LLC (DSDC), a Minnesota-based consulting firm, have partnered to provide a direct and unique experience with helping Diverse Businesses compete and win with Corporate America’s Supplier Diversity programs.

We do this by using our proven process to leverage Diverse Business status and certification(s) to:

  • Prepare to do business with Corporate America
  • Grow into the Supplier Diversity Supply Chains to Win Business
  • Successfully and profitably deliver on all new supplier diversity opportunities

Diverse Business Growth

The case for working with DeltaPoint Partners:

Why: The process of getting ready, getting into and successfully delivering on these private sector supplier diversity opportunities can be lengthy, frustrating, overwhelming, time-consuming, confusing, and costly.

What: Our Diverse Suppliers Program provides the tools and resources for you to successfully leverage your status and certification(s) to Scale Up your business efficiently and effectively.

Process: Together, our team of experienced professionals will provide:

  • Extensive tools, training, coaching, and support
  • Education on Supplier Diversity and the Supply Chains of major corporations
  • A customized program to successfully and profitably deliver on all new opportunities

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Schedule an initial assessment to learn more about DeltaPoint Partners/Diverse Supplier Development Corporation and our unique and innovative Diverse Suppliers Program.

Vetted Bench Program

Vetted Bench Program

The Vetted Bench is a pre-qualified and vetted group of diverse-owned and private sector certified businesses that get proactively promoted and advanced priority access to procurement opportunities with the Fortune 5,000 corporations. Apply today to our Vetted Bench Boot Camp to get started.

Vetted Bench PDF Informational Downloads

Vetted Bench of Diverse Business Enterprise Suppliers
DSDC and DeltaPoint Partners
Vetted Bench Program

Why you should be on our Vetted Bench

  • Receive priority in filling “downstream” procurement opportunities
  • Eligible to be proactively promoted by DSDC to corporations seeking new SD/VOB-DBEs
  • Access to the right people at the right corporations
  • Access to a national network of coaches, advisors, industry specific subject matter experts (e.g., commercial construction, facility management, etc.)
  • Access to extensive on-going training, coaching and education
  • Opportunities to explore mentor protégée relationships, joint venture, strategic partnerships, M&A strategies
  • Access to experts to create a strategic marketing plan to go proactively, strategically, and tactically, “upstream” to develop opportunities specific to your business
  • Comprehensive support and resources to win and then successfully deliver

Vetted Bench Boot Camp (VBBC) Program

The VBBC is designed to assess the business readiness of each DBE to make sure they are presently:

    1. Solid
    2. Profitable
    3. Scalable
    4. Sustainable
    5. If diverse, private sector certified
    6. Have a private sector friendly/compelling capability statement

DBEs undergo a required basic core assessment and screening process to meet the needs of Corporate Procurement and Supplier Diversity officers.

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We are not just coaches and consultants.

We are seasoned business executives who get into the trenches with you.