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Do you Take A Proactive or Reactive Approach To Protecting Your Organization?

Safety and the wellbeing of workers is often one of the most important aspects of protecting employees while they are in the workplace. This means a safe environment where those working inside the company feel they are a priority and that an incident should be avoided at all costs.

Proactive measures are taken to reduce or eliminate the possibility of an incident occurring while at work. There are techniques or methods used that may mitigate the potential for damage that may transpire through angry employees or supervisors with workplace accidents, and with incidents that may occur through third-parties.

Reactive measures in contrast occur usually immediately after an incident occurs. They are used more as corrective action or as negative consequences to behavior or activity performed by someone working in the company that must be punished in some manner. Some of the accidents or problems that arise that need reactive measures could lead to litigation.

What does proactive mean in law? “Proactive regulation” is a term used to describe approaches and programs that try to prevent lawyer regulatory and service problems from occurring, rather than dealing with alleged misconduct t after complaints are filed.

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At The Law Firm of Janice M. Iati, P.C. They know how difficult it can be for a person or company to be sued. Our motto is “We leave no stone unturned.”

Their motto captures our philosophy when we are asked to represent a client in a lawsuit. There is no substitute for hard work and good communication. They pride themselves on personalized service and high ethical standards. They give each client the individualized service, respect, and attention they deserve.

Exceptional Practical Solutions to Complex Challenges. The Law Firm of Janice M. Iati, P.C. was established in 2008. The firm has earned a strong reputation for providing exceptional client-focused representation defending national and regional clients in the following matters:

  • Construction Law & Accidents
  • General Liability & Auto Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death

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