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Vulnerable ≠ Exploitable

A professional penetration test brings value to organizations by identifying attack vectors and providing proof of exploitability.

It can provide evidence that defensive controls are implemented effectively and focus remediation efforts on an organization’s most critical weaknesses.

Harden Your Perimeter
Test your security posture as would an external attacker.  An external penetration test evaluates the externally facing assets to identify how an adversary can identify and exploit weaknesses to enter and persist in your network.

Presume Breach to Limit Damage
In today’s environment of constant social engineering attacks via email, availability of stolen credentials, and misconfigured systems, organizations must presume an initial breach has already occurred and attackers have a foothold in their internal systems.

This is Not a Vulnerability Scanner
Vulnerability scanners search your perimeter and internal systems for unpatched applications and run rules to look for specific known vulnerabilities as detailed by NIST’s Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

Vulnerable ≠ Exploitable 
In contrast, First Team Cyber’s penetration testing tool identifies exploitable weaknesses in your perimeter and/or internal systems, even when vulnerability scanners and patch management systems show that security updates have been successful.

It provides step-by-step path and proof of each successful exploitation so teams understand how an attacker can execute and attack along with remediation advice to prevent those attacks.  This allows defensive teams to focus on the most critical issues affecting their security posture without wasting cycles on non-exploitable issues.

  • Meet data security regulation mandates and avoid fines.
  • Produce reports that management can use to justify budget decisions
  • Test if existing measures are working
  • Understand if awareness is needed
  • Show the consequences
  • Helps an organization prioritize risks
  • Fine tune effective policies and internal guidelines
  • Proves the effectiveness of amenable requirements
  • Can help develop staff
  • Secure your remote working vulnerabilities
  • Test your resilience against phishing
  • Meet your compliance obligations
  • Support your data protection requirements
  • Because it’s a basic requirement

First Team Cyber offers an Autonomous Penetration Testing as a Service (APTaaS) that helps organizations find and fix attack vectors before attackers can exploit them.  It is safe to run in production and requires no persistent or credentialed agents.

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