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Choosing The Right Staffing Agency:

1.     Evaluate your staffing needs.

2.     Do your research on potential staffing agencies.

3.     Evaluate the cost of services and contracts.

4.     Understanding the agency’s recruitment process.

5.     How does the staffing agency source its talent?

6.     How does the staffing agency screen candidates?

7.     Create a Staffing Plan.

8.     What are their hiring technique.

9.     Their Projected Growth.

10. How do they carry out a Human Resource Inventory Check.

11. Do they Review Your Workplace Culture.


11th Hour Service’s Human Capital offering includes services that focus specifically on enhancing the capabilities of the most critical aspect of any organization’s operations – their people.

Their services range from fully integrated workforce development initiatives, to targeted training, and also include staffing utilizing their TMC (Talent Management Center). This includes, but is not limited to:

Human Capital Strategy and Management

Workforce Development


Talent Management and Staffing

Their approach to human capital is dynamic and evolutionary. As the times, the environment, and organizational challenges change, so does their approach to helping you help your employees.

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