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Market forecasters like Gartner expect IT spending will continue to rise in 2023, predicting growth rates ranging from 3% to 5%. One of the primary drivers of this expansion remains digital integration (often called “digital transformation”) strategies, as businesses large and small invest in technology to improve operating efficiencies.

Despite economic specters like looming recession, analysts say companies see tech as a pivotal factor in sustaining profitability—especially small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs) with constrained budgets. That’s why many SMBs turn to managed services providers (MSPs) for support optimizing spending and securing technical talent.

How are SMBs applying the benefits of managed IT services? Recent analysis shows four key areas:

Protecting Information Assets
Beyond help avoiding the disruptions and damages caused by cybersecurity breaches like viruses, malware and ransomware, savvy SMBs engage top-tier MSPs in managing operational risks across systems and throughout their network, including matters such as regulatory compliance.

Boosting Worker Productivity
As hybrid working environments become the post-pandemic standard, SMBs rely on MSPs to support around-the-clock secure, stable networking solutions for agile collaboration between workers, whether at designated worksites or remote offices.

Maximizing Cloud Infrastructure
SMBs leverage the broad experience MSPs bring from working with clients across industries to coordinate their commerce with customers and suppliers doing business from anywhere.

Supplementing Inside Teams
SMBs involve MSPs as a means of scaling internal IT staff across regional and national networks.

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