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Selecting the right UPS battery backup for your network closet or IDF can be a confusing process.

Network closets and (IDF) are critical parts of IT networks, but they’re often scattered about. They seldom have dedicated IT personnel close by and are often neglected.

And if there’s a power outage, an IDF or network closet being knocked out of commission can cause significant problems.

Top 10 buying tips to help you select the right UPS battery backup.​
Watch the video below.


  1. Consider the right UPS battery backup form factors for your network closet ​
  2. Consider your battery runtime needs​
  3. Determine the right UPS battery backup wattage
  4. Choose UPS battery backup input plug and facility site voltage​
  5. Make sure your UPS battery backup has enough output receptacles​
  6. Protect servers with a sine wave UPS​
  7. Consider monitoring, alerts and automation​
  8. Choose a UPS battery backup with comprehensive warranty and service coverage​
  9. Consider UPS maintenance bypass and redundancy
  10. Add a temperature and humidity probe

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