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Energy As A Service

The basic premise of EaaS is that energy efficiency improvements while transitioning to low or zero carbon sources will also result in savings that will benefit both consumer and provider.

Energy As A Service-has the potential to manage your energy consumption more efficiently across a campus, manufacturing plant, office complex and pass some of those savings on to you, all with minimal upfront capital outlays. EaaS could likely transform the energy market with benefits for customers and the environment.

How are energy savings achieved?
For most companies, energy is a high cost of operations, and many also have commitments to sourcing green power.

Energy As A Service intends to audit the complete value chain from power generation to power consumption, including asset management, to look at the entire energy consumption and the supply pattern to find the supply gap.
The assessment will be done to discover the different energy consumption patterns. Essentially, it’s an advisory and assessment service to baseline what the customer currently has in terms of energy optimization and supply category.

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