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Strategic Staffing requires a thorough understanding of the client’s culture, processes, and required skills.

They utilize proprietary methods to develop a customized outreach, screening, and feedback process. This delivers high employee retention and a faster ramp-up.

Their breadth of recruiting options and national footprint enables them to find the right balance of speed and cost. Enabling their clients to adapt to the end customers changing demands.

Strategic Staffing

• Invests time to understand the client

• Focuses on retention

• Targeted outreach to a specific profile

• Utilizes multiple outreach channels outreach channels

• Customized screening with a subject matter expert

• Screening results in faster ramp-up times

• Offer multiple recruiting options

• Sets expectations for the associate

• Live scorecard/review meetings

• Multi-level relationship

Transactional Staffing

• Only works off job descriptions

• Focuses on getting people thorough the door

• Unfiltered search

• Posts the job on a board and hope someone applies

• Checks for breath … then send the candidate

• Leave as fast as they come into the building

• Only offers one or two options

• Just send the candidate

• Not measured

• Communicates by email at only one level


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