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Decarbonizing buildings means eliminating the emissions associated with existing buildings and new construction. While updated building codes and construction practices reduce the carbon intensity of new buildings, we can also significantly reduce the emissions associated with existing buildings.

Energy as a Service, Energy Efficiency Re-Imagined:

NuWorld Energy is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) that offers holistic solutions to governmental and private sector organizations/agencies to massively accelerate decarbonization within commercial buildings with ZERO out of pocket cost!

 We are a one-stop shop, making energy efficiency & sustainability simple for every organization nationwide to undertake.

  • Slash costs on energy bills
  • Reduce their carbon emissions & meet your sustainability/compliance Improve the comfort of their buildings.
  • Tailor our product to meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients while still meeting all facets of the ASHRAE industry

We provide ASHRAE Level energy audits and management to assist our federal clients in achieving their mandated energy reduction goals complying with the Facility Energy Management Guidelines and Criteria for Energy and Water Evaluations in Covered Facilities.

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