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Benefits of an Energy, Telecom or Waste Invoice Audit

We realize everyone is busy and no one wants another project, but what if we told you there was a greater than 80% chance your organization could save more on their utility, telecom, and waste costs.  How long would you wait to find out?  The costs of waiting could be significant.

Our Team Member of DeltaPoint Partners met with a small manufacturer who wasn’t interested in their services when they first made contact nearly 16 months ago; however, since they knew they could help nearly every organization they contacted, they didn’t give up keeping in touch with this organization.  They remained “professionally persistent” by sending periodic emails containing useful information.

Near the end of 2017, the organization hired a new CFO.  The new CFO agreed to have us perform an invoice audit.  Good thing they didn’t wait any longer…their total first year savings/refunds will be over $45,000!  They had been overpaying for many years; however, due to the statute of limitations, they were only able to obtain refunds for the past three years.  Making matters worse, most of what they found was not refundable; meaning every month that went by prior to their audit, this organization was just throwing money away…most of the money they overpaid was lost forever, it couldn’t be recovered.

Imagine the amount of money this organization lost due to inaction!   

Having your utility, telecom, and waste invoices reviewed by external, industry experts, like our partner Steve Thompson, every 2-3 years only benefits you.  

Our invoice audits are non-intrusive and it’s easy to get started.  We are only compensated if your organization realizes a cash flow improvement.  Our audits provide our clients with peace of mind knowing they are being billed accurately and cost efficiently.  

Contact us today for a no-obligation, 15-minute meeting to see if your organization has a need for our services, or simply call 315-766-8906.

We guarantee it will be time well-spent.  Thank you and have a profitable day.


  • Our organization is very concerned about cost control and expense management? (yes/no)
  • Our organization utilizes professional organizations to provide audit analysis of our key financial and business budgetary expenses? (yes/no)
  • Our annual telecom, waste and energy budget of $_____________ is an amount large enough to be concerned about its accuracy and cost efficiency? (yes/no)
  • When our telecom, waste and energy invoices come in each month we pay them as long as they fall within expectation, budget or trend? (yes/no)
  • Our telecom, waste or energy are one of the few budget expenses in our organization that get paid with little or no verification? (yes/no)
  • Our organization is concerned that all of our costs are correct and cost efficient? (yes/no)
  • It would benefit our organization to ensure our telecom, waste and energy invoices are correct and cost efficient? (yes/no)

Would our organization benefit by utilizing a group of professionals that specialize in the area of telecom, waste and energy invoice audits at no costs to ensure your organizations budget has been spent the right way and cost efficiently? Fee’s are only realized if there is a savings? (yes/no)

We are not just coaches and consultants.

We are seasoned business executives who get into the trenches with you.